Jerry Jahnsen

Jerry Jahnsen

Driver/Owner Profile

  • Jerry Jahnsen (Driver)
  • Tom Lincoln (Owner)
  • Tom and Jerry Racing (Team)
  • Sponsors – Self Funded
  • Sloughhouse, CA

Driver/Owner Bio

Jerry Jahnsen (Driver) started racing go karts at a young age and won many championships. He has always loved drag racing and used to street race when he was young. He also had a keen interest in tuning his own engines in order to get as much horsepower as possible. You can only imagine how excited Jerry was when he had the opportunity to partner with Tom Lincoln, the owner of Tom and Jerry Racing. Now, Tom and Jerry have been partners for over 10 years. As such, they have have funded their own race team, Tom and Jerry Racing, and have not sought out sponsorships.

Tom and Jerry started out with a 1967 Chevy Nova and ran the NHRA Heritage Series. Their first race was the March Meet where they won in the B-Gas Division. After that first race, Tom and Jerry ended up winning many big races with the 67′ Nova. About five years ago, Tom and Jerry decided to move up in class with a beautiful 1969 Chevy Camaro. The first year racing the 69′, the team raced the 6.90 Door Slammer Series winning five races and taking the season championship. The second year racing the 69′, Tom and Jerry raced Top Sportsman, which was very competitive and a lot of fun.  Later, when the March Meet introduced a 6.90 class, the team took the car down and were fortunate to come home with a second March Meet victory. Tom and Jerry then decided to go back to the NHRA Heritage Series and run A-gas, and found themselves becoming three-time March Meet champions. To date, the best time the 69′ Camaro has run in the 1/4 mile is 6.70 seconds at  207 mph. Now, Tom and Jerry Racing has turned to 1/8 th mile all-out drag racing, which is a style both Tom and Jerry love!

Outlaw 1/8 Racing Association Class

  • Big Tire


  • 1969 Chevy Camaro

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